A Sensible Library

With only 5 days to go, everybody is preparing their flights to Almelo..

To give you something to read while on your way I compiled a Sensible library, containing the best articles about our favorite game..

Sensible Library

(Foto from Sensidays’2012)

The article I love most is my Amiga Power’s c-monster, also known als Rockpapershotgun’s Kieron Gillen: How Sensi taught him to appreciate football.

If you want to learn about how the game was made you can read RetroGamer’s making of published on Nowgamer by Craig Grannell, or you can read the making of Sensible Soccer chapter of Gary Penn’s Sensible Software book published by ROM. I’ll bring a copy of that book with me to Almelo.

I always love to read reviews from back in the day, especially Amiga Power’s (see photo). Stuart Campbell (Worked for Sensi on Cannon Fodder 2) gave Sensible Soccer 93% in June 1992 and the updated version 94% in January 1993. I can still remember i ate poffertjes (small dutch pancakes) with my father when i got that issue). Stuart wrote and interesting story about his relation with Kickoff too.

Jonathan Davies wrote the review to Sensible World of Soccer.  This was partly done on unfinished code, for which they later wrote an apology of sorts.  The 95/96 edition fortunately corrected all bugs. On the Amiga magazine rack site i refers too, you’ll find lots more scans from the nineties about sensi.

Why Sensible Soccer is still important you can read on Vice and in the New York Times.






Nostalgia: A look back at Sensidays 2012

The last time the Sensidays were in the Netherlands was in 2012. Lets take a look back at those days…

When I (Romanista) arrived I saw this traditional music instrument. It’s called a draaiorgel.. Great to find some local atmosphere.. But not really my kind of music:)


I arrived at around noon on sunday, unaware of the battles which had preceded.. Like the PC finals the evening before. Everybody was still getting ready. The PC final is still legendary in Sensible Soccer circles.


And of course who could forget organizer PSPIN, well know for his local cuisine

I fell to Blazej in the knockout round, just as I thought I might actually still know how to plat the game…


But the tournament was also the debut of the legendary Boesjeman.. A sows-hero many thought was only a myth…


And don’t forget, it was also the first Title of Ali, and of Turkey.. A man before this game not that known to the scene, but now a favorite for the 2016 title…

Marin Parushev 

What will Almelo bring us in 2016….?

More photo’s on Flickr– Results – Tournament Thread




Who will win the sensible days 2016?

The tension is rising, only a week to go. Who will win at the Sensidays. You can start betting at the forum. Currently leading is rekordmeister Playavelli. But there is still time. Don’t forget Ali wasn’t there last year, and there are many great players present, like Marin and current Amiga World Champ Blazej…

Schermafdruk 2016-08-10 12.04.28


11 Nationalities present!

We’re exciting to let you know that we know have 11 nationalities present to make for a truly international world cup. A football-team worth of nationalities…

Schermafdruk 2016-08-10 11.14.19
Keeper: England (1)

Defense: , Finland,( 1) Netherlands (5) , Sweden (1),

Midfield: Poland (4), Bulgaria (2), Italy (2), Bulgaria (2), Hungary (1)

Attack: Germany (14), Turkey (2), Denmark (8)

Sociable Soccer on Sensidays

We are excited to announce that Jon Hare’s Sociable Soccer wil be present on the Sensi days this year. Community manager Gustav will visit us for a presentation of the gameplay

Today this gameplay video is released, to show of the beautiful game and pay honor to Leicester. And with famous background music!

The Local Teams

The Sensidays 2016 will take place in Almelo, in the Twente Region of the Netherlands.


That Region is home to two soccer clubs in the Dutch top divisions.

Heracles is the club from Almelo. The club has won the Dutch national title twice, in 1927 and 1941.

In the 2004–05 season, Heracles won the title in the Eerste Divisie, so that during the 2005–06 season, Heracles played in the Eredivisie, where they finished 13th. The average attendance in 2004–05 was 5,700 people. In the recent top flight seasons, this has risen to just over 8,300 (close to the maximum capacity of 8,500).

In 2012 Heracles competed in its first Dutch cup final, which it lost to PSV in the Rotterdam Stadium De Kuip.

Heracles Almelo currently play at the Polman Stadion in Almelo. The Polman Stadion was built in 1999 with a capacity 6,900, this was expanded in 2005 to hold 8,500. The pitch at the Polman Stadion is artificial turf. After renovation of the stadium at the beginning of season 2015–16 it holds 13.500 supporters.

The club was founded on May 3, 1903 as Heracles, after the demigod son of Zeus. They changed their name on July 1, 1974 to SC Heracles ’74 and finally settled on the current name in 1998.

In the 2015/16 season, Heracles finished sixth in the Eredevisie , so the club could participate in the playoffs for European football. The club first defeated FC Groningen and then FC Utrecht. Heracles thus qualified for the first time in club history for European football, in the third qualifying round of the 2016–17 UEFA Europa League.


FC Twente is a Dutch professional football club from the nearby city of Enschede, playing in the Jupiler League. The club was formed in 1965 by the merger of 1926 Dutch champions, Sportclub Enschede and Enschedese Boys. They were the holders of the 2011 KNVB Cup and Johan Cruijff Schaal trophies, and were Eredivisie champions in the 2009–10 season; the team has also finished as Eredivisie runner-up thrice, was runner-up in the 1974–75 UEFA Cup, and has won the KNVB Cup three times. Twente’s home ground since 1998 is De Grolsch Veste.

Currently they are fighting for survival. In June 2016 the Dutch FA relegated Twente to the Jupiler League relegated Twente due to financial scandals.


Sources: Wikipedia Heracles and Twente

The Team

Schermafbeelding 2016-08-17 om 15.14.24

All contact via sensidays2016@gmail.com

– Colin Roll (Rock and Roll)
Tournament organizer, Tournaments administrator, Forum, Website contact person
World famous youtube math teacher from Oud-Beijerland. Pretends he is from Sunderland.

Rick Lindeman (Romanista)
Tournament organizer, Financial administrator, Sponsor contact
Organized the first Dutch Swos cup in 2006. Always happy if he survives the group phase.

– Mark (Nakkeost)
Catering, Transport, Hardware
Long time sense player from the north of Holland. Won a bronze medal way back.

– Frits (Swoozh)
Sponsores the website due to his company Streeksoft, Thanx!

– t.b.a.
Catering help, Save Disk adminstrator, Photographer, Live stream organizer ….