Catering and Rooms


In total 8 meals will be served.
Friday: dinner
Saturday: breakfast – lunch – dinner
Sunday: breakfast – lunch – dinner
Monday: breakfast

We ensure there will be all the drink (cola, diet cola, orangeade, lemonade, and some kind of alcoholic beverage) you want.
We will also ensure that you can eat all the (toasted) sandwiches and crisps you want. All included in the fee.
It is also possible to order fast food (pizza’s etc.) for some extra euro’s.
We’ll have a list of options for you during the tournament.
If you have other wishes concerning your diet (e.g. vegetarian) then please inform us beforehand.


Concerning the rooms. There are four rooms for one person, five for two people and nine for four people.
The pre-payments etc mean that only rooms for four are bookable.
One person rooms only in special cases please.
Please state your preference when booking and who you are going to share with.
This is based on the principle “first come (= paid), first served”.

We have no different rates for the different kinds of room.

1 person rooms: 0 left at the moment
– Rock and Roll
– Romanista
– Playaveli
– not yet bookable

2 people: 0 left
– Schulle + AndYpsilon
– Paider + Thomas
– domi + Klinki
– Kindelooney + Pino
– St.Vitus + HeinAir

4 people: 6 rooms with 21 spaces left
– NAKKEOST + swoozh + Boesjesman + …….
– Ali + HakanFB + Ademinho + …. (Friday – Sunday evening)
– Egebjerg Luxus + Team Oelkohold + FC Sandkagen + Morten
– Fincad
– Bomb + ElMichaJ