Format and Rules

The following rules are the same for both (AMIGA) & (PC). Only difference is the tactics and KO rules.

  • Group stage, groups played in DIY leagues
    > KO rounds, played as DIY cup [QUESTION: change as same to PC?]

Players are placed in groups by drawing from pots. The pots will be created beforehand by a well-respected group of Sensi veterans.
The pots will be posted in the forum about one week before the tournament starts.

> Teams
Any original team from SWOS 96-97 may be chosen, and edited through Edited Custom Teams menu,
to add a personal touch to your team (names and colors).
For base we will use the online save disk. A custom teams and tactics thread will be created later on.

> Pitch Type
Always random (pressing ESC to get a new pitch, only if both players agree). If both players agree to play on a specific pitch this is fine too.

> Controllers
Free of choice. Feel free to bring your own controller. Also there will be various controllers present at the tournament.

> Home player “advantage”
The “home” player may pick his seat position first if he wants to.

> Other gameplay rules
Players are not allowed to press “R”, “S”, “SPACE”, “F9” & “ESC” during a game unless agreed upon amongst the two players.
Number of substitutes for each match is 5 of 5.

> Game time / options
In the group stage 2 games will be played vs each player (“home” and “away” match) – 1 match lasts 3 mins. Groupstage options:

> Specific AMIGA rules

Amiga KO-rounds: 2 x 3 min, no ET, no penalties!

– If it’s a draw another 2 games have to be played!
– If they also end in a draw (no extratime!!!) on agg. a penalty shootout will take place!
(tactic rule for Amiga makes this mode mandatory, see below!)

> Special tactic rule for Amiga
The home player (the first player of a fixture “Home vs. Guest”) is allowed to use a custom tactic.
If he does that the guest player is also allowed to load a custom tactic!
If the home player doesn’t use a custom tactic, the guest is not allowed to use a custom tactic.
If a custom tactic is chosen by the home player his opponent may use any available tactic on the disc
if he hasn’t got his own (except the one from opponent if he does not agree, unless he is not the creator of it)!

Optional: Players agree between themselves! (eg.: both games with tactic, or both games without)
However, only 1 tactic may be loaded per player!

> Specific PC rules

PC KO-rounds: 2 legs, ET if replay, penalties if replay!
– On PC custom tactics are allowed in every match without any restrictions! However, only 1 tactic may be loaded per player!