Colin’s Vlog #1

Colin gives the people who are missing a tour through our Sensidays Arena.. First guests will arrive in an hour.. The fridge is stocked… Some Amazing days are lying ahead..

Yesterday we had a couple of mini-tournaments already on Mark’s PC.. Everybody beat everybody in the sensidays themed teams.. Watch those onions and peters play!

Tournmanet day-1

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Preparations on site…

We’ve arrived in Almelo at 5 o’clock, drank some shultenbrau, and then started organising.. We installed the CD32, folded the magazines (online tomorrow at three!), shove some tables around and looked at the drawing pots…And tested the local cuisine.

Oh and we made all the obvious jokes… from onions to shultenbrau…

It is Sensidays -1

It almost time for the Sensidays. Today Colin, Mark and Rick will already go to Almelo to make their preparations.. Cars are currently being filled with old computers, beer and handy tools.

We are very exciting to go there to today, nad full of anticipation for the tournament.. Can’t think of everything else…


The magazine has just been printed too… 50 glorious full colour magazines, with all your favourite Swos stats. It will be online from tomorrow too, so everybody can read it….


Please check also the forum for latest practical updates

Our Catering Partner Gerda’s Kombuisje

We are happy to announce we have found a catering partner in Gerda’s Kombuisje. Gerda Vroom is famous in the whole of West-Fryslân for here pure and authentic cuisine. Kombuisje means little ships kitchen.. The ship Gerda works in is the Schuttevaer. So if se can work miracles in a little ship, she surely can in Almelo. Ofcourse you can hire the Schuttevaer for a lovely sailboat voyage..

Call Gerda at +31228-313785 to get an offer for your tournament or fest!


Sensidays in the media..

This week we will be in most regional newspapers, we will keep you posted

The first article is on the page of Uit in Almelo

  • – Uit in Almelo


A Sensible Library

With only 5 days to go, everybody is preparing their flights to Almelo..

To give you something to read while on your way I compiled a Sensible library, containing the best articles about our favorite game..

Sensible Library

(Foto from Sensidays’2012)

The article I love most is my Amiga Power’s c-monster, also known als Rockpapershotgun’s Kieron Gillen: How Sensi taught him to appreciate football.

If you want to learn about how the game was made you can read RetroGamer’s making of published on Nowgamer by Craig Grannell, or you can read the making of Sensible Soccer chapter of Gary Penn’s Sensible Software book published by ROM. I’ll bring a copy of that book with me to Almelo.

I always love to read reviews from back in the day, especially Amiga Power’s (see photo). Stuart Campbell (Worked for Sensi on Cannon Fodder 2) gave Sensible Soccer 93% in June 1992 and the updated version 94% in January 1993. I can still remember i ate poffertjes (small dutch pancakes) with my father when i got that issue). Stuart wrote and interesting story about his relation with Kickoff too.

Jonathan Davies wrote the review to Sensible World of Soccer.  This was partly done on unfinished code, for which they later wrote an apology of sorts.  The 95/96 edition fortunately corrected all bugs. On the Amiga magazine rack site i refers too, you’ll find lots more scans from the nineties about sensi.

Why Sensible Soccer is still important you can read on Vice and in the New York Times.